The Hard Market

How did we get here? 



2020 the cost of wildfires was over $12,079 billion. . that is  the most expensive year on record for California, we had sixty-nine major fires and it burned 4.4 million acres, over 10,488 structures were destroyed and killing thirty-three people. This year California has only approved $1.2 Billion to help prevent wildfire. Early estimates for California for 2021 are between $45-55 Billion in fire and smoke damage. 

Assembly bill 38 - Effective July 2, 2021, this is for all units’ condominiums and single-family homes

  • Seller must obtain a certificate that their property is in compliance with Section 4291-4299 and local vegetation management ordinances
  • Owners in hire fire zones must disclose to buyers if their home is vulnerable to flying embers. Do they have roof ventilations that are not flame and ember resistant?
  • If there is a wood roof, is it treated or untreated. Are all roofs clear of trees overhanging or are there leaves or pine needles present?
  • Landscape needs to be cleared within five feet of the unit or home. Unless otherwise specified by local fire


  • Single Payne or non-tempered class windows

  • Loose or missing bird stripping or roof flashing 
  • Rain gutters without noncombustible gutter covers


  • Obtain a certificate that their property is in compliance with section 4291 of the Public Resource code or local vegetation management ordinances –Typically the requirement is one hundred feet from the unit and trees should have a minimum of -10-foot clearance between trees.

What Every Homeowner should do 

  • Firewise- preparing your home for Wildfire

  • Making sure Fire extinguishers are present and up to date

  • Fire Sprinklers are working, and Main Drain tests are performed annually

  • FireClear Systems

  • Don’t wait to leave, it could be to late
  • Be prepared to leave,  Pictures, Clothes, Money and Guns
  • Know who to call, Restoration company, Insurance agent